This is Japanese traditional calligraphy made by our artist Rijin. Rijin made her foray into the world of Japanese calligraphy at a very early age. She has won numerous calligraphy awards in Japan. She is adept in traditional Japanese calligraphy methods, and seeks to transcend those traditions to create her art. 

Her trade-mark technic is to spray gold ink at the end. This technic is what separates Rijin from the artist. Unlike any Japanese Shodo, we make your order upon the order, Therefore, every piece is different and unique. 
Miyabi (雅) is one of the traditional Japanese aesthetic ideals, though not as prevalent as Iki or Wabi-sabi. In modern Japanese, the word is usually translated as "elegance," "refinement," or "courtliness" and sometimes to a "sweet loved one".
About, we are a student-run organization whose aim is to spread the aesthetics of Japanese traditional art, especially Shodo to the world.  The primary objective of our project is to help the Shodo performer. During this trying time, many of the Shodo artists who used to travel around the world to perform Shodo lost an opportunity to perform. Which means they do not have any income except teaching. (you might be surprised to know this but there is no newly-written-Shodo market.)


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