Japanese Calligraphy

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Visiting family and friends in the age of social distancing and coronavirus can be tough. We will become the bridge between you and your loved ones by sending your words in Japanese calligraphy. Of course, it can be a gift for your self to recenter your sprit.

NO more lost in translation:

NO MORE Lost In Translation or Funny Translation. You want us to write your favorite word in Japanese but don't know the word in Japanese? Don't worry we will translate it for you. All of our team is at least bilingual who have spent our childhood oversea. 

OUr artists 
/Shodo Master will make it happen

Rijin made her foray into the world of Japanese calligraphy at a very early age. She has won numerous calligraphy awards in Japan. She is adept in traditional Japanese calligraphy methods and seeks to transcend those traditions to create her art.

For an additional fee, we can send you a complete video of the whole process of our artist crafting your exact work.

So that you know it is truly one and only in the world.   

VIdeo option

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