What is KAKERU?

All of our board member has a very unique background of living in different continents outside of Japan. From that experience, we have noticed that people outside Japan are often interested in putting a Kanji tattoo or ask how to write their names in Kanji. Is it because they are simply interested in different culture or, are they fascinated of its value? We believe that Kakeru can introduce a new perspective to calligraphy and bring out the true value to the world.

Why shodo?

We believe calligraphy is the masterpiece of Japanese tradition. However, in recent years, we tend to see it as something that is old fashion and challenging to introduce as a furniture. Our goal is to create products that will take away such perspective and bring calligraphy to a whole new level of understanding.

Why traditional × contemporary?

In order to establish a new image to calligraphy, we decided to introduce some contemporary art factors into our products. Commonly valued calligraphy arts rarely dismantle from the traditional way of work. However, we believe the true value of the product will not be shadowed even if we take away those factors. Or even, the value will brighten by introducing contemporary factor because of the ease to blend in to modern house hold.

Meet our Artists

里仁 rijin

Rijin made her foray into the world of Japanese calligraphy at a very early age. She has won numerous calligraphy awards in Japan. She is adept in traditional Japanese calligraphy methods, and seeks to transcend those traditions to create her art.

Yoshiko Yurugi

Living in multiple countries, she finds the possibility of a new form of Shodo. She has held workshops both in Japan and the United States for a wide range of people in the community. She writes Japanese letters as well as alphabets to express herself.